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SEO Training in Lahore Pakistan

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“I always want to be the best at everything especially in SEO. ITHeight made my dream come true. I used to think my life was a tragedy but now i realize it's a comedy. I looked everywhere but couldn't find at all, which is best suitable career choice for me? I would say YES a thousand times over ITHeight the best SEO training in Lahore”

- Muhammad Abbas - (Lahore University of Management Sciences Lahore Pakistan)

SEO Training in Lahore - SEO Institute

SEO Training in Lahore, SEO training institute in LahoreAre you looking for an institute for SEO course? ITHeight offers best SEO training in Lahore, using project-based learning as a teaching strategy. It's been years since we carved our name in SEO as a short course. Most students find the course very effective and they get job right after SEO course. Many brilliant students of ITHeight institute have developed their SEO Companies in Lahore or doing job in SEO companies. Best This course helps you grip and learn Search Engine Optimization. Please call / WhatsApp (Lahore, Pakistan) 0320-4567111. ITHeight is the best SEO institute for professional short course.

We know how to support gifted and talented students in the classroom to yield best results. Its never too late to start heading in the right direction. So, heading in the right direction, large number of students in classroom coming across the country, produce best results. Search Engine Optimization course is for all those who are wondering how to make a bright future. Learn how to improve Google search ranking and how to increase sales through SEO.

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SEO Training in PakistanWhy ITHeight for SEO Training in Pakistan?

Are you wondering to be the best Search Engine Optimization expert in Pakistan? What are you planning to do in the next five years? Are you planning to do Search Engine Optimization freelance jobs? Your answer should be yes. You are at the right place at the right time. ITHeight is the best seo training institute in lahore to improve your skills at higher extent, covering MOZ SEO, Yoast SEO, and Google SEO. We already have trained thousands of students, after which they have also got Google SEO certification. Learn how to make more money in your career join SEO training in Pakistan. Our course syllabus and scheme of studies is designed by a well known Search Engine Optimization expert Shahid Naseer. We strive to be the best institute in Pakistan and that is the only motivation behind our great zeal and enthusiasm.

How can you make your future bright and successful? Answer is quite simple! Learn Search Engine Optimization. Still have doubts? No problem! Get a free training class. As per the company policy, you can get first class free of cost, if allowed by the management.

A complementary free class is given when a participant completes the training. Search Engine Optimization interview questions and answers for freshers help them revise the complete SEO course for interview.

Please go through this page and find details about the SEO trainer Shahid Naseer, Location of ITHeight, SEO training Lahore brochure and how to register for the training. Please ask for the first free session, if required, when you reach ITHeight for the training.

Training in UrduGet Short Course in Urdu

It has been observed that students wish to learn in Urdu language rather than the trainer conducts the whole session in English language. This course is conducted primarily in Urdu language, yet the terminologies are in English. To make things simple, we explain the philosophy of every term in Urdu language and easy examples are used to explain the concept in depth. Students ask questions in Urdu and English whatever they feel comfortable.

We assure you will find best Search Engine Optimization coaching in Urdu at ITHeight !!! A trainer will be there for answering every SEO related questions.

Complete SEO course is in Urdu. Feel free, we assure you will enjoy the course and will feel comfortable throughout. Read the whole page thoroughly and contact ITHeight institute for any further details.

pictureWhat is SEO and How it Works?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine optimization. The person who perform the Search Engine Optimization tasks is known as SEO Expert or Search Engine Optimizer or Search Engine Optimization Expert. SEO is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a website by ranking a website on the first page of Search Engines Search Engine Result pages (SERP). So it can also be referred as the latest technique of marketing. Companies that are struggling to market their products or services opt out of all search engines. Just if we talk about Google there are 2 billion searches a day, so probably 300 million people use Google a day and still there are other Search Engines like Yahoo and Bing which are also famous in the market.

Suppose that you are running a business, you need to learn how to make your product stand out from competitors. You need to target total number of Google users worldwide searching for the product or services you are offering. Will you let them move to your competitors? Probably not! You need to learn how to eliminate competition in business. How will you win against your competitors. You need strategies to increase sales revenue. You just need to know how to get on first page of Google (first SERP) without paying, how to get your business to show up on Google first. Once you know the truth you are never the same, catch the sale and increase your revenue streams.

So you are thinking how to do Search Engine Optimization? This is where our expertise lies, that is what we teach you. Go through this page and you will find the syllabus, also you should also read the whole training brochure.

pictureWhy SEO Training?

Either you are in Lahore or in any other city of Pakistan or abroad, these are the skills you should learn that will pay off forever. Companies with the best websites are in a dire need of expert optimizers. Most profitable companies in the world hire skilled Search Engine Optimization experts

Once you are skilled and know how to get your website to the top of Google search results, you will be hired by companies that are looking for competent experts. Every day is a new opportunity you can build. You may also work from home as a freelance Search Engine Optimization expert.

Take advantage of every opportunity in life. Get SEO training in Lahore Pakistan and work on foreign projects. Now you must be thinking where you will get the projects? Do not worry, we also explain the channels and the processes and techniques to get projects. Like many other students of ITHeight you will be another one earning a lively hood as Search Engine Optimization expert in Pakistan.

Who Should Attend the Training?

Anyone can take the training like:

  • IT Students
  • Management Students (especially those having major in Marketing or Human Resource HR)
  • Business Owners (who do not know how their website can flourish their business)
  • Sales / Marketing Managers (marketing managers getting their website natural rankings in the search engines)
  • SEO Beginners (looking to upgrade skills)
  • Web Designers (capable of making a great design, but don't know how to get their website on first page of Search Engines)
  • Web Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • SEO Business Lovers
  • Marketing Companies
  • Ad copywriters wanting to broaden their skills
  • Link Builders
  • Small, medium and large companies or law firms who want their staff trained

Experts having grip in on page and off page optimization are in higher demand.. Successful online businesses have high budgets for marketing. At ITHeight our mission is to empower students in digital marketing. It is a high time to progress and make your career in field of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Training RoadmapAbstract SEO Course Roadmap

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Career Opportunities / SEO Job Opportunities
  • Difference Between Marketing Concept and Selling Concept
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy Examples
  • Anatomy of a Web Crawler / Anatomy of a Spider Web
  • Search Engine Indexing Keywords
  • Embedding Keywords on Website
  • On Page Ranking Factors
  • Off Page Techniques
  • Importance of Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Writing Strategies
  • SEO Related HTML Tags
  • Optimizing HTML Tags and Validation
  • Content Analysis and Verification
  • Creating Robots.txt file
  • Sitemap Generation
  • Monitoring Search Engine Ranking
  • Traffic Analyzing Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  • Common Searching Techniques
  • Link Building Platforms
  • Link Building Steps
  • Types of Linking and their Strategies
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Submission Tools
  • Making Adsense and Affiliate Accounts *
  • Do and Don'ts of Adsense *
  • Bidding *
  • SEO Job Interview Preparation **

It is highly recommended to read the detailed SEO Training Brochure

* - Optional
** - Optional and Complementary

SEO expert in PakistanAbout Shahid Naseer

Shahid Naseer is an IT graduate and MS Scholar with specialization in Software Project Management. He has been attending various corporate trainings and workshops related to Information Technology and management including Project Management, Quality Assurance & Monitoring, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Search Engine Dynamics, Advance Programming Concepts, Design Patterns, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Moreover his books on various IT topics have been published, and some are going to be published this year. He has an extensive teaching experience in various IT institutions like PCBA-PICS (University of Central Punjab) and NICON.

Shahid Naseer is the best SEO Expert in Pakistan. He is been in field of Search Engine Optimization since 2006. He starting teaching various IT courses in 1999, since then he has taught thousands of students. Starting SEO classes in Lahore was the ambition of Shahid Naseer. He laid the foundations of the training in 2011. Since then hundreds of students have got the training.

Shahid Naseer is based in Lahore, the heart of Pakistan. He makes a unique kind of relations of love and affection with all his students. You can connect Shahid Naseer on Facebook.

pictureHow to Register?

Just fill the online form and get the brochure of SEO Training in Lahore. Provide us the basic details and one of our concerned person will get back to you to confirm your enrolment. We are based in Lahore, students from other cities of Pakistan also travel to ITHeight SEO institute in the quest of knowledge.

pictureSEO Training Brochure

Find the detailed SEO Training Brochure, covering every detail about the training.

Location of ITHeight ( Lahore, Pakistan )

Get yourself trained from ITHeight institute to become best SEO expert Pakistan.

See the ITHeight location map for better understanding of the location.

ITHeight 18 J, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

Call: 0320-4567111 (Information Department, ITHeight)


SEO Training in Lahore Pakistan

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