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Policy Manual



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Policy Manual

"ITHeight" - Broad Divisional Functions
Human Resource
-HR planning
-Recruitment & selection
-Orientation of new joiners
-Employee record
-Training & development
-Performance management
-Employee compensation and benefit management
-Succession planning
-HR Policy Management
-Knowledge Management ( Develop library of books and magazines etc)
-Establish and maintain HRMS (Future Goal)
-Employer Branding


-Building maintenance / cleanliness
-Managing non management staff
-Petty cash handling
-Purchases of assets, stationery and other monthly usage material.
-Handle all legal issues
-General Administration

Finance & Accounts Department

-Financial Management
-Accounting and Book Keeping
-Periodical financials statements
-Fixed asset register
-Payroll Processing
-Dealing with financial institutes

Operations Department

-Human Resource Outsourcing Services
-Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services
-Personal Development Services
-R&D ( Extra JD) In future R&D will be separate department

Marketing Department

-Prepare and practice Marketing Mix of a firm’s services
-Competitor Analysis on quarterly bases
-Business development activities
-SWOT Analysis on quarterly bases
-Brand management of a firm
-Marketing research
-Web site content writing

Introduction to the Manual

This Human Resources Manual has been prepared in order to document all current personnel related policies that are to be applied to all employees of “ITHeight”. It will help in minimizing the need for management staff meetings to resolve routine policy questions. It will promote fair and uniform administration of company policies. It will serve as an aid in recruiting new employees and will promote compliance with government employment and laws.

This manual contains human resources related policies, procedures and related forms for “ITHeight”.

This document is confidential, and is the sole property of “ITHeight”. No copy or unauthorized use shall be made of this document by anyone.

Objectives of the Manual

-To set out the policies, procedures and forms relating to all aspects of employment for use by “ITHeight”;
-To provide “ITHeight” with uniform rules in order to ensure equitable and consistent application of the company policies;
-To ensure that proper documentation and follow-up are available to support personnel rules;
-To provide a tool for managers to ensure proper management control and follow-up;
-To communicate that the policies in this manual are applicable to all persons employed by “ITHeight”;
-To record the company’s rules in order to ensure consistent application of the policies in “ITHeight”; and
-To ensure that each manager administers these policies consistently and impartially to his/her staff.

In order to achieve the above objectives, “ITHeight” retains all managerial and administrative rights and prerogatives that include but are not limited to:

-The right to exercise judgment in establishing and administering policies, practices and procedures, and to make changes in them as directed by the top management.
-The right to take whatever action is necessary to achieve “ITHeight” objectives and business needs; and
-The right to set the standards for employee productivity and performance.

Maintenance and Distribution of the Manual

The CTO of “ITHeight” is the owner of this document. All enquiries and matters relating to the HR Manual should be addressed to CTO. Copies of this manual are distributed to the following:
-HR Manager
-Each copy of the HR Manual shall be individually numbered. The HR Manager maintains a record of the distribution of the HR Manual.
-This Manual should always be kept in a safe place and must not be copied without the prior approval of CTO (ITHeight).
-Contents of the Manual are confidential and are intended for internal use only. Under no circumstances may the content of the HR Manual be revealed to a third party without the written permission of the CTO.
-If there is any deviation required to execute day-to-day operations of the company, a prior permission shall be sought from the CTO.


This chapter outlines recruitment and employment conditions related policies and procedures.
2.1Recruitment & Selection
2.1.1Department Transfer
2.2Terms of Employment /Appointment Letter
2.3Orientation & Induction
2.4Probation & Confirmation
2.5Notice Period/Termination/Exit Interview
2.1Recruitment and Selection

oThe aim of this policy is to adopt fair and consistent methods of recruitment and selection and to attract and select people who fit in the job criteria.
oInternal candidates will be given first preference only if they meet the job requirements
oRecruitment age for Junior/entry level vacancies should preferably be under 25 years.
oRecruitment of immediate family of current employees is prohibited within same department/station where he/she is reporting directly to each other.
oSelection criteria will be as per Job Descriptions and other job skills and competencies related information, where available.
oIf required, all recruitment will be subject to two reference checks from previous employers/medical examination.
oIn case of Internship, the Immediate Supervisor must fill a recruitment request (i.e. Manpower Recruitment Form) available with HR Department and will transfer the Manpower Recruitment Form to the designated HR Representative by clearly writing the stipend & duration of the internship. For the extension of duration of internship, supervisor must forward to HR Department for the extension of internship before ending the internship period so that approval for extension could be taken from CTO. Without approval internee cannot continue his/her internship.
oIn case of Contractual/Permanent Employment, the Immediate Supervisor must fill a recruitment request (i.e. Manpower Recruitment Form) available with HR Department and will transfer the Manpower Recruitment Form to the designated HR Representative by clearly writing the Total Monthly Package & duration of the Contract.


2.1.1When a job opening occurs, the Immediate Supervisor requests the HR Department for the Manpower Recruitment Form.
2.1.2HR Department sends the Manpower Recruitment Form to the Immediate Supervisor. Immediate Supervisor fills the Form, get it approved from the Departmental Head and forwards it to the HR Department in advance or prior to hiring a replacement.
2.1.3In case of Replacement/New Position, approval from CTO is required; the designated HR Representative submits the form to CTO for approval/disapproval.
Note: In case of new position job description should be attached with the Manpower Recruitment Form.
2.1.4Upon approval, HR Department will collect applications for the required post from various sources in consultation with the Immediate Supervisor and if necessary will advertise in the newspaper.
2.1.5Except in cases of a confidential search, the designated HR Representative is responsible for notifying current employees of the job opening by a bulletin board posting.
2.1.6In the event of unsolicited inquiries from job seekers or employment agencies to Immediate Supervisors or Dept. Head, such inquiries shall be referred to the Human Resource Department.
2.1.7Upon collection of sufficient number of applications HR Department will scrutinize all the applications against the approved job description. If the job requires skill testing, the designated HR Representative will get the test prepared, conduct the test and check it.
2.1.8Suitable applicants will be called for initial interview depending upon the nature of the job. HR Department will organize all these activities and schedule interviews. During all the interviews, each interviewer must fill an Interview Evaluation Form for each candidate.
2.1.9The candidates selected in the initial interview and test shall be called for a panel/final interview. Each interviewer should fill the Interview Evaluation Form. After the interviews, the panel mutually decides the most suitable candidate based on the Interview Evaluation.
2.1.10In case of Hiring the communication of the job offer is done in written by the designated HR Representative. Upon consent and acceptance, employee will be given an Appointment Letter duly signed by both parties.
2.1.11 A copy will be maintained in personnel file while the photocopy of the Appointment Letter is sent to Accounts Department for payroll processing. The designated HR Representative also informs all the employees about the newly selected employee through email.
2.1.12Upon joining the employee will submit his joining report to HR department.
2.1.13The selected candidates will then go through an orientation program conducted by Human Resource Department.
2.1.14All new employees are subject to the following standards of employment.
oAny person who has been dismissed from the employment of “ITHeight” will not be re-employed.
oThey must be legally qualified to work in Pakistan as evidenced by submitting appropriate identity and employment authorization documents.
oThey must be physically and mentally fit to perform assigned job duties.
oThey must provide sample/proof of their competence in order to justify their claim for employment.

2.1.1Department Transfer

The aim of this policy is to plan internal resource transfers to meet business requirements and to provide employees with the opportunity to develop their careers and skills set.

o“ITHeight” policy is to give preference to select employees from within “ITHeight” for vacancies, wherever they fit the job requirements. The aim is to encourage and motivate existing employees to achieve their personal development objectives. Therefore, for all existing vacancies the Immediate Supervisor first examines the possibility of an internal promotion or transfer in co-ordination with the designated HR Representative through the issue of ‘Internal Vacancy Advertisement’.

oInternal Vacancy Advertisement will be issued by the designated HR Representative and will contain a brief description of the job, location, and minimum qualifications required for the position. A more detailed description of the position will be available with the designated HR Representative and will be available for review upon request. These will be communicated through “ITHeight” internal intranet/email and Staff Notice Boards to the existing employees.

oStaff must have at least 6 months of continuous service in their present position to apply for an internal vacancy. However, the company can waive this clause if the employee has some significant qualifications/experience that matches the position advertised.

oApplications must have a cover letter and detailed CV and be authorized by the Immediate Supervisor. If selected, the employee should be released by his/her Immediate Supervisor within one month to join his/her new assignment.

oWhile every opportunity is given to “ITHeight” employees to apply for internal vacancies the company reserves the right to reject any application without ascribing a reason.

oIf the employee of “ITHeight” is shifted from one department to another department then his/her status will be treated as confirmed from the date of transfer.
Procedure To advertise the vacancies internally, the designated HR Representative will:
oPrepare and develop ‘Internal Vacancy Advertisement’ for requested position; and
oCommunicate Internal Vacancy Advertisement through internal intranet/emails and through Company Staff Notice Board. employee should send his/her C.V. along with a cover letter specifying which internal vacancy, he/she is applying for after obtaining his/her Immediate Supervisor acknowledgement in writing on his/her application letter. The applications are forwarded to the designated HR Representative. After this the recruitment & selection procedure (2.1.7 to 2.1.10) is followed. the internal employee is selected, the immediate supervisor determines the date of release of the employee based on present work commitments. The Immediate Supervisor forwards the memo/email stating the employee’s date of release to the designated HR Representative. employee is released according to the memo/email for new assignment. He/she will be under observation for three months. After three months he will be evaluated and if performance is not up to the mark he will be given another three months to improve the performance. If performance is not satisfactory, he could be terminated.
2.2Terms of Employment/Appointment Letter

The aim of this policy is to provide a standard written format for all employment contracts and to ensure that the contract clearly communicates all the contractual terms and conditions.
o“ITHeight” signs employment contracts (i.e. Appointment Letter) with all its employees. (The Industrial and Commercial Employment Ordinance, 1968.)
oThe Appointment Letter will cover major terms and conditions of the contract such as:
oJob Level;
oDate of conclusion and date of effectiveness of contract;
oTermination conditions (including notice periods);
oConfidentiality agreement; and
oPakistan Labor Law applicability and any other employment rules that may be applicable from time to time.
o“ITHeight” and the employee will honour all the terms and conditions of the Appointment Letter.
oIf the terms and conditions of the contract change, “ITHeight” will provide employees with notice of any change in writing.
oFor legal purposes the contract should be made in two copies, for the employer and the employee. “ITHeight” and the employee will honor all the terms and conditions of the contract.


2.2.1The designated HR Representative will ensure that all “ITHeight” employees receive and accept their Appointment Letters. Appointment Letters contain details about: function, effective date, duration, confirmation of appointment, probation period, place of work, termination, leave and holidays, salary, benefits and allowances, medical insurance and any other benefits.

2.2.2The designated HR Representative informs the selected candidate through telephone/email/sends offer letter to the candidate to accept and collect the Appointment Letter from HR Department.

2.2.3The designated HR Representative prepares the Appointment Letter, get it signed from CTO. After acceptance, HR Department Copy of the Appointment Letter is filed in the employee’s file while the photocopy of the Appointment Letter is sent to the Finance & Accounts Department for payroll processing.
2.3Orientation & Induction

Once the selection process has been completed, new employee must be oriented in order to become productive contributor. Orientation not only improves the rate at which employee are able to perform their job but also helps employee satisfy their personal desire to feel they are part of the organization’s social fabric. Supervisors in coordination with HR Department complete the orientation by introducing new employee to co-workers and others involved in the job.


The aim of the policy is to specify a program to introduce new joiners to the organization, work colleagues, its culture and environment. All new employees will go through an orientation & Induction program designed by the Human Resource Department. Orientation & Induction introduces employees to the mission, vision and objectives of “ITHeight”, describe its products and markets, and cover the organization structure and key processes.


The program covers essential subjects such as rules and regulations, terms and conditions, and personnel administration processes as well as the mission vision and objectives of “ITHeight”. This includes input from all the Departments. Orientation & Induction is held at regular intervals in the year to accommodate new joiners throughout the year in “ITHeight”. Within three months of their joining, all new employees and transferees must receive Orientation/Induction.

The designated HR Representative will be responsible for completing all the steps in the Orientation/Induction Checklist to ensure smooth induction of new employees into the company.
The “ITHeight” Induction Training will include:
o“ITHeight” organisation and it’s primary processes;
oAn orientation to the “ITHeight” Human Resources Polices and Procedures, and regulations;
oIntroduction to all the Management Team within “ITHeight”;
o“ITHeight” Communications list;
o“ITHeight” Organization Chart; and,
oOrientation Kit. (Employee Hand Book)
2.4Probation and Confirmation

The aim of this policy is to ensure that the employee and employer are able to evaluate each other during the initial employment period.

oIn case of hiring at HR, Accounts and Administrator department, all new employees will be required to complete a probationary period of six months. However, the probationary period could be reduced or increased depending upon his/her performance.

oThe management reserves the right to terminate the employment without serving any notice, if the employee’s performance is found to be unsatisfactory during the probationary period. (The Industrial and Commercial Employment Ordinance, 1968.)
oA formal appraisal will be conducted by the immediate Supervisor at the end of the probationary period.
oIf the confirmation letter is not given to the employee after the probationary period and he/she is allowed to work for the company then it is deemed that his/her employment is confirmed.
oIn the event of satisfactory performance HR Department will issue a confirmation letter for the services of the employee to be confirmed. Confirmation letter should be sent to staff within 2 weeks of successful completion of probation.

2.4.1The designated HR Representative informs the Immediate Supervisor near to completion of the probationary period (specified in the Appointment Letter) and sends the copy of the Probationary Period Evaluation form to evaluate the performance of the employee. The immediate Supervisor evaluates the employee’s performance, comments on the form and forwards the form to the Department Head for further comments. After comments, the Immediate Supervisor forwards the form to the HR Department to confirm/ or increase his/her probation period/ or to terminate him/her.

Note: Probationary Period Evaluation form must be sent to the HR Department by the immediate supervisor till 20th of the month in which the confirmation is to be effective otherwise; confirmation will be effective from 1st of the next month.

2.4.2The designated HR Representative sends the Probationary Period Evaluation form along with the employee file to approving authority for approval.
2.4.3Upon approval, the designated HR Representative prepares two copies of the confirmation letter (if the performance during probationary period is satisfactory), get it signed from CTO , issues Employee Copy to employee and files HR Department Copy in employee’s file while photocopy of the confirmation letter is sent to Accounts Department to revise the salary of the employee (if any).
2.4.4If performance during probation is not satisfactory and the Immediate Supervisor and Department Head recommend terminating the employee then recommendations are forwarded to approving authority for approval. Upon approval, the designated HR Representative prepares the Termination Letter, get it signed from CTO and holds formal meeting with the employee and explains the grounds for termination. One copy of the termination Letter will be filed in the employee file while the photocopy of the Termination Letter will be sent to the Accounts Department for clearance.

NOTE: During probation employee should give fifteen days notice period. If employee will not give the notice period of fifteen days, the company will deduct the pay of fifteen days of that employee. On the other hand company can terminate employee during probation at any time without any reason.

2. 5Notice Period/Termination/Exit Interview

The aim of this policy is to specify the conditions and process for concluding an employment contract.

After confirmation, “ITHeight” may terminate an employee by giving a one month notice at any time due to his/her unsatisfactory performance, any violation or breach of the provisions contained in the Appointment Letter.
After confirmation, if employee wants to leave the company, than he/she should give one month notice period before leaving. If employee will not give the notice, the company will deduct the pay of one month of that employee.

Resignation notice period will not be waived for anyone. However, if circumstances justify then the department head can recommend waiver for only those employees who have spent AT LEAST two (2) years with “ITHeight”.

oThe employee having been declared medically unfit for further service.
NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list.
2.5.1The immediate Supervisor will inform his/her Departmental Head regarding the unsatisfactory performance of his/her employee and his/her decision to serve him/her with his/her notice period. After approval the Departmental Head will forward the request to the CTO for Approval. After approval from CTO, the designated HR Representative prepares Termination Letter according the Departmental Head’s recommendations and gets it signed from the CTO.

2.5.2Prior to termination, the employee has to return all stationery, employee card, and other such official company materials issued to the employee.

2.5.3Any confirmed employee planning to leave “ITHeight” (i.e. resign-resignation must be hand written) is required to inform the Immediate Supervisor 1 Month advance. The Immediate Supervisor & Dept. Head accept the resignation and forward it to HR Dept. on the same day for processing & clearance. Any employee (who is on probation) planning to leave “ITHeight” (i.e. resign) is required to inform the Immediate Supervisor 15 days advance on their intention in writing. The Immediate Supervisor & Dept. Head accepts the resignation and forward it to HR Dept. on the same day for processing & clearance.

2.5.4If the employee fails to serve the notice period or a part of it or leave “ITHeight”, he/she will be required to compensate “ITHeight” of an amount equal to the gross salary for notice period not served and penalty as decided by the management. In extraordinary cases, the CTO may waive this.

2.5.5Exit interviews will be conducted for every employee leaving “ITHeight” due to resignation. These interviews will be conducted by CTO.

2.5.6Any employee who has left, or is in the process of leaving “ITHeight”, due to resignation/retirement, will be provided experience certificate. Note the exclusions below.

Note / Exclusions:

1. No experience letter will be issued to employee if he/she leaves “ITHeight” during first 3 months from the date of his appointment.
2. No experience letter will be issued if the employee is fired or his/her employment is terminated due to any disciplinary reason.
3. Internship experience letter will be issued to only those internees who successfully completes the internship period.
4. If employee needs experience letter for specific reason (i.e. further education purpose, credit card, personal loan etc.) then the letter will be addressed to that specific University/College/Bank etc.
2. 6Re-appointment

Re-appointment is done on case to case basis and final authority lies with CTO to decide re-appointment.